About Us

Our home care team has over several years of combined experience in veteran and senior living facilities, providing attentive and personal care at every step. Our goal is to provide a unique experience that your loved ones will treasure: in natural surroundings, with modern technology, dignity, and respect.

Equilibrium Ranch Retirement Home is built to provide a welcoming, safe and cozy environment for veterans and seniors who need assistance.

We believe that our experience, talent, and passion will inspire the residents to live better. 


The best thing about coming to Equilibrium Ranch Retirement Home is you will be surrounded by people who care for you and are passionate about your wellbeing.

Meet The Team

Board of Directors

Christian Shelton

CEO, Facility Owner

Byron Bolden

Board Member

Dr. Marvin Shelton

Executive Vice, Board Member

Dr. Rance Thomas

Board Member

Kiara Lampersieck

Board Member

Kimberly Ravenscraft

Secretary, Board Member

Rochelle Stanton



Melody Woody

Office Administrat0r

Samantha Adams

Social Service Practitioner

Candice Davault

Medication Administrator

Cassandra Stover

CNA / Night Monitor

Pamela Naumann

Dietary Manager

David Haggerty

Staff Support

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